Su Squares open sourced

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What is open source?

Open source software is computer software that is freely available for you to study, use, and implement as you like.

Su Squares includes several kinds of software, including the smart contract, website and backend code to build the website.

It can be helpful to study these if you are building your own blockchain project.

What is changing today?

A promise was made in the Su Squares white paper to open source all parts of the Su Squares project after 1,000 Squares were sold.

That milestone was just achieved today and we are immediately following through on our commitment.

Starting today, all our software is entirely open source.

Achievement unlocked.

10% of Squares have been sold. And as per the white paper promise, all parts of our project are now open source software.

— Su Squares (@SuSquares) August 29, 2021

Claim your Square

➡️ Next, go to the homepage, and click an available Square to claim it.