Storing Text/Data in Your Square

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Your Square fits 10×10=100 pixels with three color channels at 8 bits each. That means you get 300 bytes to play with.

Typically you are putting visual stuff in there to make something pretty. But if you are a Soviet era spy, you might want to use this as an inconspicuous and very public way of disseminating subversion messages. This is a guide for those people…

All subversives us Linux or macOS, and the command line. So this guide assumes you are familiar with both of these. On macOS, please install Homebrew and run brew install imagemagick. For Linux you should probably already have ImageMagick installed and instructions vary to get it.

Convert a tweet-sized poem into a 10×10 pixel PNG file

You have 300 bytes to work with. As of 2021, that includes anything you can tweet.

The secret meetup location is at the seventh stairway at seven.

Let’s put that into a file:

echo 'The secret meetup location is at the seventh stairway at seven.' > message.txt

We need to get that to a 300-byte file, so let’s make a canvas and paste that in there:

dd if=/dev/zero bs=1 count=300 > square.rgb
dd if=message.txt of=square.rgb conv=notrunc

And now make it into a PNG image (which is a lossless format) using the input as raw RGB values:

convert -size 10x10 -depth 8 rgb:square.rgb square.png

Now go personalize your Su Square with that 10×10 image!

Extract a secret message from a 10×10 pixel PNG file

First, get the PNG file into a usable rgb data format:

convert square.png out.rgb

From this point, you could open that file in your text editor, using hexdump or similar tools. But luckily there is a simple way to extract strings from a binary file:

strings square.rgb


The secret meetup location is at the seventh stairway at seven.

Why so black

You Square is black, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But we can use this same process to put a secret message in a colorful picture by only mangling the beginning of it.

Let’s get some 10×10 image as a starting point. How about the Su Squares website favicon resized to 10×10?

curl | convert -resize 10x10\! ico:- fav.png

Now, splice the hidden message into there using the same technique:

convert fav.png fav.rgb
dd if=message.txt of=fav.rgb conv=notrunc
convert -size 10x10 -depth 8 rgb:fav.rgb fav-with-secret.png

And of course, get it with:

strings fav.rgb

Are there any hidden messages in Su Squares?

:warning: Warning, these commands will make 10,000 files on your current directory. You might want to do this inside a folder.

Let’s find out! First, download the main image with all the Squares.


Use one command to split that out into 10,000 constituent images:

convert wholeSquare.png -crop 10x10 square.png

:information_source: Note that ImageMagick starts numbering at zero, so the image square-0.png corresponds to Su Square 1.

Convert all the PNG files to RGB files:

mogrify -format rgb square-*.png

And look for hidden messages:

strings square-*.rgb


  1. Using the above techniques, splice a message into your current Su Square.
  2. Using the above techniques, with modification, splice a message into the the end of an image.
  3. Create a 10×10 PNG image that includes a web page that generates a random maze, see
  4. Golf that JavaScript better than @fulldecent golfed it.

Claim your Square

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