Buy Su Squares with PayPal

For a limited time, and while supplies last, some Su Squares are available to purchase with PayPal.

When Su Squares launched in 2018, we offered PayPal to make NFTs more accessible to our customers. Now in 2021, Ether costs more and we are quickly adjusting the PayPal price up to match.

Current price is USD 1,200 per Square. This price increases to match the Ether price.

Which Squares are eligible?

If a Square was already purchased, you can't buy it. Duh. See the homepage.

The top-left Square, all the purchased Squares it is adjacent to (up/down/left/right), and all the Squares they are adjacent to, et cetera… these are called the electric fence. The Squares adjacent to the electric fence are only available for 0.5 Ether on the buy with Ether page. In other words, you cannot buy those with PayPal.

How to buy?

Prepare a note with: your wallet address, which Square(s) you want, and what to do if your preferred Square(s) are not available.

Click the PayPal payment link, then edit the URL and multiply by the number of Squares you would like.

Now paste in your notes and send money.

After your order, you can expect:

  1. Will finishes sleeping (if he’s sleeping)
  2. Will receives your order and personally processes it
  3. You receive an email to your PayPal account address with confirmation just like when you buy shoes online
  4. The Su Squares website is updated to reflect your order within 24 hours