Batch personalize

If you have any questions, please mail The price to personalize is 0.001 Ether per Square.

Use this page to personalize Su Squares you own on If your Square was previously personalized using the old, more expensive method you will need to unpersonalize it first.

Select top-left Square

Which Square will be the topmost and leftmost Square you will personalize?

Enter title

Enter a title for your Squares. Later you can change the title of each Square individually.

0 of 64 bytes

Enter URL

Enter a URL for your Squares. Later you can change the URL of each Square individually. Typically this will start with https://.

0 of 96 bytes

Upload image

Design your image carefully.

Do not use animation or transparency. PNG and some other formats can be used here.

Each Square is 10×10 pixels. For example, if the area you want to personalize is 3 Squares wide and 2 Squares tall, your image must be 30×20 pixels.

Image status: no image selected


Click this button to prepare your batch personalization, no transaction or payment is made in this step. This will overwrite anything already in the box.

To manually edit individual Squares, copy/paste to a spreadsheet, edit, and then copy/paste back here. If you would like to personalize a non-rectangular area, delete any rows that are not needed.

Preflight status: preflight was not yet performed


Click this button to personalize your Squares.