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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, please mail Su@TenThousandSu.com.

How do I split a 30×30 image into 9 10×10 images?

First, get your image to be a square. On macOS you can do this:

  1. Open the big image in Preview.app
  2. Select a square area (select-drag)
  3. Tools > Crop

Then scale your image down to 30×30 pixels. In Preview.app this is:

  1. Tools > Adjust Size…
  2. Set width to 30
  3. Ensure Resample image is turned on
  4. Save the file

Now you have a 30×30 file. You can turn this into 9 10×10 images using an online tool such as PineTools—Split image online.

Or if you are comfortable with the command line, use this command to transform a file named in.png the a folder named SPLITME on your desktop into 10×10 images (files are numbered in order left-to-right then top-to-bottom, just like the order words are printed in English books).

convert ~/Desktop/SPLITME/in.png -crop 10x10 ~/Desktop/SPLITME/out.png

Why is gas cost ridonkulously high?

Because that Square is not available. You are attempting to place an order that will revert. MetaMask could do a much better job of articulating this.


Claim your Square

➡️ Next, go to the homepage, and click an available Square to claim it.