Su Squares white paper

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What are Su Squares?

The Su Squares project is a digital advertising platform. There are 10,000 Su Squares available and each square covers a 10-pixel by 10-pixel square on the homepage. Once you buy it, you are the landlord, you can put any picture and hyperlink you want on that square or sell it or rent it out.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a Su Square, take ownership and keep it in your Ethereum wallet.
  2. Upload your image, text and hyperlink onto your square, it shows on the homepage within one day.
  3. Transfer/resell your square to somebody else.

Su Squares are an ERC-721 Deed that trades on the Ethereum blockchain. A specially-crafted smart contract ensures your exclusive and secure ownership of this square. Nobody, even Su, can take back a square that you own. The Su Squares project hosted a public bug bounty to pay anybody that could find any problem with the smart contract.

The smart contract address is 0x6731560e455537c9f088ea02a47a0ecfa28a9231, also known as susquares.eth.

Will this website stay online?

We commit to keep this website online for at least ten years from our 2018 launch. We expect extreme interest in Su Squares and we will work hard to keep the website online.

What is the cost?

The cost for each Su Square is 0.5 ether (current price ~275 USD). This price is encoded in the contract, it won't change. Every Su Square is the same price, so choose the best location on the page before it is sold!

It costs 0.01 ether to personalize the square. The first three times are free.

Is this an investment?

Your Su Square entitles you to advertise your image/text/hyperlink on The Ethereum network and the Su Square ERC-721 smart contract ensure your access to the features. Personally I think this is an "advertising expense" for your company. But you should check with your lawyer, tax advisor and financial advisor before purchasing your Su Square.

If I own a Su Square, can I rent it out?

Yes. If you purchase a Su Square then you own that property. You can rent that to another person so that they can display any image/link/text they like on that 10x10 square. You can even set up a smart contract so that all this be done and enforced by the Ethereum blockchain.

What happens if I lose access to my square, can you get it back for me?

No. We do not have access to purchased Su Squares. This is enforced by the blockchain. We don't have any way to get it back. And the fact that we can't get it back is publicly knowable by inspecting our Su Squares smart contract on the blockchain.